ElectriCChain – SolarCoin Claims Facilitator API for monitoring platforms

Scope of Work: integrating the SolarCoinAPI to solar monitoring platforms

Skill level: Blockchain/Dev (low), Solar (low or minimal), Monitoring Hardware (Medium).

Goals: We need more SolarCoin nodes globally that are easy to setup. This problem is solved with embedding and API onto solar monitoring platforms that enable manual and dynamic grant of SolarCoins to solar owners.

Background: SolarCoin can be redeemed at the rate 1MWh = 1SLR by any solar owner, solar asset manager and monitoring company. Participants can join to the SolarCoin programme and register their solar installation with ElectriCChain.

End Dream: SolarCoin API integrated as an exe/file to solar monitoring companies for solar owners to claim dynamically.

Timeline: June 2017 target – Project Completed October 2017 and leading to Dynamic Granting through API for online solar monitoring companies – several ongoing extensions during 2017/18

An introduction to dynamic grant can be seen with partner Smappee:  www.smappee.com

This API is available to all solar asset managers, monitoring and solar companies as open-source. Please reach out to ElectriCChain.


Luke (Project Co-ordinator and co-originator)

Scalextrix (SolarCoin community) (Project idea and co-originator)

Nick Gogerty (Observer)

Francois Sonnet (Observer)

Project is completed.