ROKAS Raspberry Pi Staking Node – Completed

Scope of Work: Connect the ROKAS operating system to the SolarCoin blockchain Link:

Skill level: Blockchain/Dev (low), Solar (low or minimal), Monitoring Hardware (Medium).

Goals: We need more SolarCoin nodes globally that are easy to setup. This problem is solved with ROKAS. These people have written a wallet OS system that runs on any Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3.

Background: ElectriCChain is a Blockchain As a Service (BAaS) and we are using the SolarCoin blockchain but are actually open and technology agnostic for collaboration and development with other blockchains such as Ethereum, lisk etc. The main aim of ElectriCChain is to build the largest open scientific solar monitoring system by connecting solar monitoring devices (data loggers, inverters, Raspberry Pi nodes) with the SolarCoin blockchain. We are always on the search for talented developers who can help us with this mission. The “new-language-layer” project is also important as it aims to facilitate building a cross- blockchain language for synchronization between blockchains. As JFK said when he gave a speech about sending a man to the moon,  “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” JFK and also a good philosophy that some of us like is “There is no success, no failure, only make. Keep making.” Unknown

Estimated Budget: 2-3 BTC or SolarCoin Equivalent plus 20 hours testing and debugging work for software devs.

End Dream: As many of these nodes as possible, Low cost and super easy to buy with SolarCoin, install and stake SolarCoins Generate solar value.


Timeline: Before May 2016 target – Project Completed early 2017 and leading to Dynamic Granting – several ongoing extensions during 2017/18

An introduction to dynamic grant can be seen here:

This script is available to all monitoring and solar inverter/datalogger companies as open-source. Please reach out to ElectriCChain.



Luke (Project Co-ordinator and co-originator)

Corather (SolarCoin community) (Project idea and co-originator)

Scalextrix (SolarCoin community) (Project idea and co-originator)

Nick Gogerty (Observer)

Francois Sonnet (Observer)

Project is completed.

Solar Owners interested in using the technology and being granted SolarCoins to the SolarCoin Blockchain on a live basis, hence contributing as a Node to the SolarCoin Network can do so with the following Instruction Manual and connect their Pi3: (for enphase inverters)

and (instructions inside)

Current research is now being done over other inverter manufacturers and with pruning the Blockchain for Pi0 (5USD piece of equipment) application.