Cross Blockchain Scripting Language


This is to define the ELCC text space standard for ElectriCChain/ blockchain IoT standard that is portable across blockchains. For more information please see project no.3 or some of the work we are doing at chainofthings/solcrypto.

We want to certify components into the blockchain TX message space. This means that if the component is in operation and confirmed in the field by a human, it can be added also by a human input. Otherwise this standard is designed to be working on IoT/Inverters, data-loggers as a python script that requests human input interactions at setup.

Additionally, if we just want to certify the existance of a solar industry product, we can do that as well. Also, if we want to link a certain GPS anchored system into the SolarCoin blockchain, we can do that too. We can see where it is and it links to off chain web layer web links. For privacy, if you want to certifiy your solar system you can limit the GPS decimal length to three characters.

API’s can be written to specifically search and scrape this Tx data. For example with Node-red calling JSON requests.

This is also designed to work with the SolarCoin granting Engine. This will need to link with the existance of the module and components in the SolarCoin blockchain. And then it can assign a unique GUID, use the SolarCoin blockchain (or any other blockchain as a immutable ledger for other programs to search this ledger and grant rewards, or mine information about weather, climates, power generation etc.)


These files are curently in Python 2.7 and should work natively on Raspberry Pi 2/3 with Raspian-lite/ ROKOS. ROKOS is a Jessie 8 variant for Linux specifically running and designed for IoT/ RPI3b etc.

ElectriCChain certification syntax for SLR Blockchain Tx messaging field which is limited to 516 characters.

Example in SLR chain:

Estimated Budget: Undisclosed or SolarCoin Equivalent plus 20 hours testing and debugging work for software devs.

End Dream: You can configure the relevant blockchain to talk to any blockchain at any point in time. This can help large datasets aggregation for dataminers and analytics firms with their own APIs and Dapps.

Timeline: Before December 2016 target – Project continuously updated (October 2017) –


Luke (Project Co-ordinator and co-originator)

Corather (SolarCoin community) (Project idea and co-originator)

Nick (Observer)

Francois (Observer)