ElectraSeed Multi-GW Micro-Grid Projectelectraseed-blow


Scope of Work: solar SHS system with Blockchain tech integrated for various applications (banking, energy, connectivity…) in open-source/free licence.

Background: ElectraSeed is an open full stack micro-grid Solar Energy kit with Storage.

ElectraSeeds minigrid to be deployed in villages run by local entrepreneurs. Cost will approximate $billions USD.  Each ElectraSeed is a solar kit part of a micro-grid capable of delivering hundreds of Wh/h/day+ to people in a community.  The potential is to impact directly 12m people lives with energy and the huge positive externalities associated (ie, new business opportunities and local entrepreneurship upheaval ; banking, connectivity, data, financing/remittance and energy).

Goals are to pilot a test system, scale and deploy in a 24-30 month timeframe:

  1. Nov 2018 proof of concept in Africa for production, storage, monitoring and metering including smart plugs with 3 Solarly kits  + Sundance Dataloggers Solcrypto JV – Budget undisclosed
  2. Jan-Feb 2019 deploying in Africa ElectraSeed core unit (solar container)and testing – Budget undisclosed
  3. May 2019 proof of concept in Target country (Solarly kits + ElectraSeed core unit) with telco related billing in place and blockchain monitoring/granting. 100 ElectraSeeds deployed in target country for testing
  4. Dec 2019 Phase 1.  1 ElectraSeeds deployed
  5. April 2019 Phase 2.  2 ElectraSeeds Deployed
  6. Dec 2019 Phase 3. 100 ElectraSeeds Deployed

End Dream: Deliver electricity to millions of people in a developing country, also granting SolarCoin as a further incentive, connected through mobile and blockchain technology to a micro-grid

Estimated Budget: in the billions of USD ; impact millions of people

Contact: François and Sebnem and Alain (Coordinators and PM)

Project “owners”: Smappee, ElectriCChain, Adapteve, Magnefico, GridSingularity and the SolarCoin Foundation

Concept – Vision of the ElectraSeed :

Lead by Nick Gogerty, co-founder SolarCoin Foundation, ElectraSeed is a concept for a modular smart micro-grid, which can supply rural areas with solar energy and storage. ElectraSeed installations features a ± 5kWp photovoltaic power plant with energy storage capacity deployed as a micro-grid.


The ElectraSeed concept is a big technical challenge and many resources are needed as developers, experts, investors, NGO’s, and political consultants gather together in this great micro-grid network. An African proverb says: “Alone I go faster, together we go further”. And this is why the ElectraSeed consortium believes in the creation of an ecosystem where each resource should be shared between organizations, companies and people that have the necessary skills to achieve each technical challenge or are able to add value to the concept.

We call this The ElectraSeed ecosystem.

Concept diagram :


The heart of the micro-grid is the ElectraSeed Power Node (EPN).

The dotted lines are the physical energy connections (blockchain tech) that also provide data such as energy requests, energy consumption, grid failures, billing, … and the red line describes a household who already has a Solar Home System installed. These houses are compatible with ElectraSeed and because they produce Electicity, they can sell, store, buy, trade electricity to other households using Blockchain tech  through the Solcrypto Sundance Datalogger. Each house or sharing Hot Spot (Node) has a terminal energy manager. EPN allows for energy transfer according to a billing notification.

At each node, people can charge their applications (mobile phone, portable lights, …)

Intended Market:

ElectraSeed is intendend to bring a power-solution to the needing 1.4b people without electricity worldwide, and more specifically according to the screen capture below (source IEA):


(source IEA):

Modularity of the ElectraSeed allows for tackling different market size, depending on local consumption.


(source IEA):

ElectraSeed concept – www.electraseed.com

Ecosystem partners

At the time of writing this paper, the ElectraSeed Consortium is composed of:

 The SolarCoin Foundation

www.solarcoin.org – SolarCoin was developed with blockchain technology to generate an additional reward for solar electricity producers. Solar installation owners registering to the SolarCoin network receive one SolarCoin for each MWh of solar electricity that they produce.

This Digital Asset will allow solar electricity producers to receive an additional reward for their contribution to the energy transition, which will develop itself through network effect. SolarCoin is freely distributed to any owner of a solar installation owner. Participating in the SolarCoin program can be done online, directly on the SolarCoin website. More than 1.700.000MWh of solar energy have been incentivized through SolarCoin across 44 countries.

The SolarCoin Foundation is established in Greenwich CT and has on its board Financial experts as well as solar experts and is a member of the European Solar Association, SolarPowerEurope, based out of Brussels.

SolarCoin is the first digital asset to be recognized at supra-national level by the International Renewable Energy Association as a tool to finance solar installations worldwide (IRENA) and SolarCoin is being listed on a Swiss Exchange, www.lykke.com for online SLR-EUR and SLR-USD trade.

The SolarCoin reward tool will act as an incentivizer for solar owners working with the ElectraSeed kits. Instead of the normal 1SLR per MWh of solar energy incentivization, the tool will be rewarding owners with a multiplicating factor, hence 250kWh of solar energy will deliver one SolarCoin, the goal being to help solar owners amortize their financial investment faster.


www.electricchain.org – ElectriCChain is an Open Science project based on the SolarCoin blockchain. Originally intended to verify and publish near real-time production data of some 7 million solar plants, it is designed to help advance knowledge and enable Climate Change analysis for scientists and researchers and has recently published the first node on the SolarCoin blockchain, the ElectriCChain.

Based in Andorra, the ElectriCChain is the Blockchain technology powering the SolarCoin Digital Asset and gathers non-confidential Data related to solar owners. The Goal of ElectriCChain is to build a network of +7million solar installations, according to IEA numbers reaching 200million+ in the next 15-25 years.

The ElectriCChain will be providing the bulk of Blockchain recording for the solar installation owners in order to micro-finance the solar installation, incentivize it (through the SolarCoin tool), and monitore the install production.

Solcrypto JV

www.solcrypto.com – Solcrypto acts as Claims Facilitator to the SolarCoin Foundation for the Asia-Pacific region as a certified affiliate website.

Solcrypto has made a join venture with Chain-of-things (CoT) in Hong Kong. This opens up access and experience in the testing, development and scaling of hardware devices based on the track record that Chain-of-things has in the hardware space. The JV combines the Solar Energy expertise and blockchain knowledge with the hardware track record expertise of CoT.

The Datalogger under development rides on redundant test Blockchains, one as an incentivizing rail (SolarCoin) and other test blockchains for the payment and contracting rails. The datalogger sits at the grid-edge and reports to a small server that connects to full blockchain nodes.

The Solcrypto Datalogger, in conjunction with the ElectriCChain will provide some of the base infrastructure for the development of Electra-Seed.

freeel.io – Experience your Energy freely

www.freeel.io New energy resources, such as solar homes and energy efficiency, are lifestyle choices. Passive consumers turn into prosumers of sustainability. A choice, that is not only empowering end users of electricity, but also creating new value. A choice to have even in developing countries. These prosumers need a conscious yet delightful relationship with their electricity usage to make the most of their investments.

Freeel.io develops data-driven energy apps for empowering the prosumer, building on its deep understanding of peer-to-peer systems, machine learning, and user experience. Freeel.io envisions homes that use energy in the most efficient way – give feedback and adapt to their users.  
A future where all peoples everywhere have access to sustainable free electricity sources is in our reach.
AdptEVE is the first freeel.io energy app to deliver on this vision. You can download AdptEVE onto your energy monitoring device andAdptEVE will learn your electricity usage patterns locally and help optimizing your choices. AdptEVE improves the efficiency of your decentralized energy resources and your energy saving comfort. When AdptEVE is deployed in a Plus Energy House on a blockchain-enabled energy monitor, AdptEVE can automatically activate and fulfill smart contracts for electricity exchange and payment settlements with neighbors in near real-time.


www.smappee.com Smappee is a provider of energy monitoring solutions utilizing non-intrusive load disaggregation techniques for appliances, including solar rooftops with high local sampling frequency. WiFi connectivity is not only essential for in-home optimization of controllable loads, but also for creating mesh network with neighboring nodes running Smappee technology and connecting to the blockchain.



GridSingularity is the World’s leading P2P and Microgrid applications developer, leading with ETH blockchain.


http://www.magnefico.com/en/ Magnefico is a Swiss-based consultancy offering advice on Smart Energy Solutions, energy access and sustainable business models.


www.solarly.io – Solarly is a Belgian established company, which provides solar home system in order to make easier the access to electricity for rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At the time of writing this paper, Solarly is still a non-profit association and its objectives are :

  1.   Launching a pilot phase (proof of concept) starting in late October 2016 in African rural areas. The pilot phase will last for 6 month.
  2.   If 1 is a success, Solarly will open in parallel of the non-profit company a commercial company in the year of 2017.

To clearly resume objective 2, the non-profit association will take care of the training and awareness of people to solar energy installation and utilization (solar home system and/or ElectraSeed system) while the future commercial company will be in charge of the development, production and sale of its own solar home system. The merging skills of both company is crucial to increase the positive impact in a long lasting vision.

The Solarly box is a decentralized and connected Solar Home System (SHS) with a 50 to 200W power range. Its technology embeds power meters, energy controllers, data logger and remote monitoring system. The device also embeds a battery.

The Solarly kits will be added as satellites to the Core unit of the ElectriSeed, providing local households with the required amount of energy at local level, without having to rely on batteries

The ElectraSeed (www.electraseed.com), an ElectriCChain-accelerated Blockchain project (project 13) has been nominated as finalist to the EPIC  at the International Energy Agency’s conference on October 13th.

21 companies from a total of 80 entrants have been selected as finalists by an expert judging panel.

ElectraSeed took part to COP22 in Marrakech Nov13-16 2016 and won the Smart Buildings Integrations Award.