Project SolarVault/SolarFusionsolarcoin

Goals: security and mass claiming for the SolarCoin Generator Pool

Owner: Joseph.

Long Term vision:

The SolarCoin generator pool of 97.5 billion SolarCoin is a non-circulating asset that is put into circulation when verified claims for solar energy production are verified by affiliates and the Foundation.  The pool of offline solarcoin wallets is now worth a theoretical $6 billion USD.   The pool needs to be secured and periodically accessible in a transparent way that meets the needs of community and security constraints for the next 40 years of the anticipated solarcoin project.

Ideal end state is a fully geographically distributed secure monetary resource that is algorithmically secure and represents the goals and objectives of all SolarCoin stakeholders in a robust process for stable monetary policy and effective solar energy generation incentive.

Technical constraints:


Non-stop Function (high availability)

No single actor or point of failure can limit global granting

Ease of repeated use

Transparency whenever possible

Security for at least 40 years

Fail safe (failure has limited repercussions)


Future group proof (expanding and rolling control) oversight

  • Ability to “reset” system in extreme scenario without hardfork (i.e. transfer all coins to new secure account hardwired with new “secure” system.)
  • 40 year design

Trusted Control either people and/or machine

Increasingly “distributed de-centralized ” control

Constraint Dimension


  • Limit outbound flow to 1MWh = 1SLR parity or claimed parity
  • Must by consensus community acceptable in terms of “control” and over-rides
  • Simple solutions preferred over Complex solutions


  • Don’t know future location(s) of future lock control of wallets and keys
  • Not sure about future wallet technology
  • Don’t know future demand
  • Don’t know future users or “owners” of pool, keys, locks

Ideal end functioning state

Fully decentralized granting

Automatic granting of verified claims

  • No non-verified transactions

Impervious to external probes / attacks

Fully transparent security (decentralized nature of ownership)

Failure points/modes

Wallet(s) lock holder(s)

Wallet publication: 

  • Human compromised (black mail etc.)
  • Actors who want to shut it down economically (macro actors likely TAX/regulate out of existence)
  • Geo political Threat
  • Explicit seizure
  • “wealth” taxation
  • technical blocking IP
  • Wallet Seizure
  • key seizure

Wallet loss

Obsolete security (technology overwhelms it Quantum crypto etc.)

  • Cracking technology improves

Disburse account (send from) account


Key theft

Key publication

Key loss  

  • Death of holder/loss

Requestors claimant(affiliate/sub affiliates)


  • Community Suicide “Scarcity gone wild” (kill the generator pool)
  • Community Suicide “claims gone wild” (hyperinflation)

lost wallets

lost keys

SolarCoin transactions


  • Disagrees with grant

Coin Theft

Device weaknesses

  • IP snooping
  • Inbuilt wallet weakness BIP100
  • Server weakness
  • Man in the middle type attacks

Confirmation requirements

SLR Request for claim payment

SolarCoin Blockchain

  • Hardfork
  • Spam/spim
  • Hackers (halt of inhibit for fun)

SolarCoin blockchain explorer

  • Message spoofing

Key Holder(s) 

  • Blackmail coercion legal tax
  • Post keys
  • publication of keys
  • Hack (known)
  • Hacked (unknown)
  • Key transfer
  • Key distribution

Failure scenarios

  • Each element should have a failure scenario (stops functions) with an over-ride protocol and worst failure event.

Security Example

Proposed Security Solution Name

Mitigation Action

SLR Drip

  • 97.5 B SLR in generator pool is contained in a smart contract to have a waterfall transfer that “drips” a range of SLR amounts to granting wallets and replenishes it based on granting activity.
  • Access to granting wallet requires multi-sig authentication from separate human/machine sources
  • One requirement is the proactive security measure of posting a high SLR collateral amount to have access to the granting wallet – Hacking of granting wallet
  •  Hacking of granting wallet
  • The SLR posted collateral to access the granting wallet will be forfeited back to the generator pool if certain predefined conditions are not met.

Skill level: Blockchain/Dev (High), Crypto Currency Security (High), Security engineering (High)

Timeline: Before December 2017 target


Joe – SolarCoin Foundation

Nick – SolarCoin Foundation