SOLARLY Sub-Saharan Africa Solar Developmentsolarly

Project “owner”: Solarly, @solarly

CoreTeam & roles: David Oren (CEO), Jean Gregoire Orban de Xivry (CFO/COO), Maxime Dolberg (CTO)

Long term vision: Solarly wants to support the development of remote communities in Sub-Saharan Africa by offering sustainable solutions adapted to their needs and respectful of their way of living. To achieve this, Solarly will implement connected decentralized and autonomous Solar Home Systems in order to make electricity access easier

Goals: Solarly will be connecting the Solarly Box/Solar Home System (SHS) to the SolarCoin blockchain in order to claim SolarCoin on behalf of clients. Also Solarly will participate to the ElectriCChain project with data collection.

Amazing inspiring things could happen if goals are fully met, the projects “Why?”: Solarly believes that SolarCoin will enable the Solar Home Systems to be more accessible to clients by, firstly, reducing it’s purchasing price and secondly, by offering the end-client with financial services backed by blockchain tech / and SolarCoin.

Milestones proposed: Solarly is raising about 70-85 BTC in order to finance a 6-month testing phase (Oct/Nov 2016 to Mar/May 2017) in a village in Cameroon.

This testing phase includes :

  • Building 20-30 Solar Home Systems (pre-industrial prototypes),
  • Exporting them to Cameroon,
  • Installing and testing in a village in the Bamenda region,
  • Three people-team (David, Jean-Gregoire and Maxime) will be living in Cameroon during this testing phase,
  • Proof of concept stage goals: rapid prototyping

Project Owner: SOLARLY

Team members w/slack addresses: David Oren (CEO), Jean Gregoire Orban de Xivry (CFO-COO), Maxime Dolberg (CTO), @solarly

Resources: DTO, Nest’Up, ElectriCChain,

Current stage: completing MVP  (100W Solar Home System), Test phase nearing end and successfuly trialed first elements of ElectraSeed and SHS – Project completed June 2017 – extensions going on with Solarly SHS across 2018

Next steps: Case of study for industrial prototype