Help Save Tokelau by granting Tokelau SolarCoinstokelau

Project conceived in January 2015 by the SolarCoin Foundation

Scope of Work: Blockchain technology, political negotiation and media outreach

Skill level: International Political negotiations: medium, Blockchain technology: medium, graphic design and media creation: medium, Media outreach and community management: medium


  • Establish contact with correct government authority
  • Formalize agreement for SolarCoin note/coin granting
  • Manage press relations and messaging
  • Ensure security of grants to Tokelau, and blockchain registration of issued bills on a 1:1 basis to maintain circulation integrity
  • Support ongoing use of SolarCoin from proper authorities
  • Support ongoing Tokelaun marketing efforts
  • Validate use of proceeds and grants for Tokelauns

Background: Tokelau is the world’s smallest economy estimated at $1.5m GDP spread across 1,411 residents in the south pacific.  $100,000 of GDP or roughly 7.5% comes from the issuance of stamps. The nation state is a series of small atolls with highest elevation of 2 meters.  As such the Tokelauns are on the front line when it come to climate change impacts related to rising sea levels.

100% of Tokelau’s energy needs are currently met by solar energy and hence a good case for SolarCoin granting.

The SolarCoin Foundation is interested in making a grant to Tokelau for the production of physical SolarCoin notes, which could then be sold by Tokelau at a premium.  The grant would likely be matched with coins from community (tbd). The funds would be used by the general administrating government of Tokelau to aid the nation’s citizens.

End Dream: A significant impact in the lives of the Tokelau GDP and standard of living.

Timeline: Before December 2018 target – project ongoing


Nick Gogerty: SolarCoin Foundation (Project Co-ordinator and Co-originator)

François Sonnet: Project Manager