Crowdfunding platforms to connect PV installations to the ElectriCChain and Impact Investors to get rewarded with SolarCoins

Scope of Work: Integrate retail investors who financed solar plants, to the ElectriCChain via the SolarCoin Digital Asset,

Background: Crowdfunding for renewable energy is getting noticed in Europe as a way to speed up the energy transition.  On top of their usual return on investment, retail investors will get an extra ’Impact investing’ return in the form of SolarCoins. SolarCoin, and the ElectriCChain will be cooperating with retail investors, and this ecosystem. Bcorp and other companies working already with Impact Investing can increase the SolarCoin value by accepting it on a wide level: Triodos, Patagonia,  Nature & Decouverte, Ulule  …




  • work with a developer to run a pilot on an existing PV plant,
  • Adapt Lumo France’s website for retail investors to receive directly SLR’s,
  • Adapt Lumo France’s contract to take this new reward in account for retail investors,
  • Test willingness of other european platforms to follow the same path,
  • Adapt Lumo’s pilot project experiment to other financial products,lumo
  • Work on a business model for massification: incentives for developers, SolarChange, the SolarCoin Foundation, …
  • Work with a defined budget for phase 2 thanks to the Network effect at the European Crowdfunding Network, CrowdfundRES, Climate-KIC, BCorp, …


End Dream: SolarCoin as a digital asset for Impact-investing and a significant number of european retail investors knowing and using SolarCoin. A significant number of european solar developers to be targeted about ElectriCChain and to have it used frequently for new projects.

Estimated Budget: Phase 1 : undisclosed, involving 140 hours finding & testing pilot project by Lumo France

Phase: TBD after Phase 1, but could be financed by partners like Climate-KIC if phase 1 is successful.

Timeline:  Phase 1: June 2016 to January 2017 Phase 2 :2017/18

Current status: Operational integration with Crowdfunders at Lumo receive through API SolarCoins – extending to dynamic granting.

Contact: Alex (Co-ordinator and co-originator)

Project “owner” 1 person only: Lumo, @LumoFrance

Description: Lumo is a French crowdfunding website which enables citizens to invest directly in renewable energy projects.