ElectriCChain ties in 2nd at Impact Hub Innovation Arena – Manila Power and Electricity Congress

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ElectriCChain ties in second to Startup Contest in Manila

New innovations and business models and technologies are disrupting the energy landscape, offering new solutions to solve age-old problems. 20 start ups at the Energy Innovation Arena , had the opportunity to take centre-stage and share how their innovations are disrupting the power industry at a worldwide level, and engaged with industry stakeholders, corporates, VCs, utilities and solar.

ElectriCChain pitches the SolarCoin ecosystem within the Energy Innovation Arena organized by Impact Hub, Manila’s leading Startup Incubator, during the 4th Power and Electricity World Philippines Congress held May 24th and 25th in Manila.

Impact Hub Manila offers incubation programs, corporate innovation workshops, entrepreneurial leadership training, coworking space, and a vibrant learning community. With 15,000+ members in 86 Impact Hubs across the world, the Impact Hub Network has become the center of gravity for people innovating a new kind of economy.

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About ElectriCChain

ElectriCChain is an Andorran Non Profit which aims to accelerate blockchain technology in the solar photovoltaic industry. ElectriCChain is specifically working on the integration of SolarCoin as a Digital Asset designed to incentivize the production of renewable energy at a global scale and initiate the Energy Transition.

SolarCoin is freely distributed to any owner of a solar installation at the rate of 1SLR per MWh of solar energy. Participating in the SolarCoin program can be done online, directly at the www.solarcoin.org website and through embedding of the SolarCoin API directly onto monitoring platforms. More than 420.000MWh of solar energy have been incentivized with SolarCoin across 29 countries.

ElectriCChain develops together with Solcrypto solar-blockchain dataloggers for solar installations and has tested Blokchain tracking and posting through a 10-USD Raspberry Pi3, enabling live granting of SolarCoins directly to the solar installation owner, hence allowing for ‘live incentivizing’.

ElectriCChain is also developing the ElectraSeed nanogrid project (project 13) for developing nations. The ElectraSeed enables solar kit owners to use peer-to-peer technology for billing, microfinance and system monitoring and is currently being deployed in West-Africa. Like SolarCoin, ElectraSeed aims to enable for global solar energy uptake and is a win-win solution for existing market players.

electricchain.org and electraseed.com