Francois Sonnet Based in Andorra
Solar Consultant, Advisor with SolarChange & Solcrypto, Co-founder ElectriCChain

François graduated with a Masters in Finance (hons) from ICHEC Brussels Management School and is an expert in Renewable Energy Business Development, having co-founded Belgium’s N°1 award-winning solar installer SunSwitch SA in 2007 at a time of little focus for Renewables outside of Germany and Luxemburg, and building it to +90 employees and +20MEur Turnover in under 30months. François made his first steps at Euronext NV, Lloyds International Banking Group and the Audit Firm PwC in Luxemburg and is a seasoned traveler. François currently works as solar consultant on projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle-East, counseling on solar. François brings Bizdev skills to ElectriCChain. Connect here.



Luke P. Johnson  Based in Tokyo
Co-founder & CEO SunpulseKK, SolcryptoJV, Co-founder & CTO ElectriCChain

Luke is a Solar Engineer with over 16 years’ experience in the Solar Industry and in 6 different countries. He has ‘lived and worked’ in the Japanese Solar industry continuously since 2008. Luke holds a Masters of Philosophy in Engineering, Solar Cell Research, from the ANU Australie and a Bachelor of Engineering in Photovoltaics & Solar Energy (hons) from the University of New South Wales.

Luke is the co-founder and CEO of SunpulseKK and SolcryptoJV in Tokyo and HongKong and has completed well over 4,5 GWp of design and technical due-diligence on solar photovoltaic plants in Japan and consulted on 950 solar fields. He has published 11 research publications on solar irradiance datasets, solar module reliability and design, outdoor and accelerated testing and snow and yield calculation methodologies for Japan. His current research preoccupations include long-term outdoor exposure of solar modules and solar module degradation, solar project yield estimation and global solar and financial market interaction and integration. Luke has been involved in Blockchain tech since late 2013 with Sunpulse and Solcrypto and wrote the White Paper that inspired the ElectriCChain back in 2015 with guidance from the SolarCoin Foundation. SolcryptoJV is a joint venture between Chain-of-Things and Solcrypto based out of Hong Kong, with a team of specialists working on commercialization of solar blockchain-enabled Dataloggers. Connect with Luke here.


Christopher Altman, Cofounder and Chief Scientist, SolarCoin and ElectriCChain

Christopher Altman  Based in San Francisco
Cofounder ElectriCChainChief Scientist, SolarCoin Foundation and ElectriCChain

Scientist, diplomat and NASA-trained commercial astronaut Christopher Altman has pioneered next-generation science and technology initiatives at world-leading research institutes and centers including multidisciplinary, “Deep Future” research institute Starlab, featured in a Discovery Channel Special and the Guinness Book of World Records, at NASA Ames Research Center and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience; as Chairman for the UNISCA First Committee on Disarmament and International Security—selected as annual recipient of the RSA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Policy—and as part of the US Government’s fast-track QuIST program in the global race for quantum supremacy.

Connect with Altman through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, his research weblog, or read more on Wikipedia.



147116963366277 Stéphanie M.X. Verbeke Based in Andorra
Marketing Specialist
& Cofounder ElectriCChain

Stéphanie holds a Master in Translation from ISTI Language School in Brussels and a Master in Economics from ICHEC Brussels Management School. Stéphanie started with Law firm Bird & Bird and moved to Project Management and Relationship Manager roles within Digital Media companies based out of Brussels and Barcelona. Stéphanie has travelled the world over and brings to the ElectriCChain an open mind, lots of energy, and a keen taste for Organic produce.

See Stephanie’s profile here.




Nick Gogerty
Based in Greenwich, CT
Cofounder SolarCoin Foundation Chief Strategist at Lykke Corp

Senior Business Analyst at Bridgewater Capital, the world’s largest hedge fund ($150Billion), Nick also served as Renewable Energy Analyst for several NYC hedge funds, Guest lecturer at Columbia MBA Program for Innovation and Macro-Economics, Chief Analyst at Brussels-based Starlab, a deep-future multi-disciplinary Science and Research institute.  Nick is the founder of Thoughtful Capital Group, a value research and portfolio allocation consultancy firm based in Greenwich, CT. His past work and research includes:

 · Quantitative Forex Analyst for >$2 trillion balance sheet bank  · Founding software start-ups and strategic risk firms  · Building risk models for global banks and Research & portfolio management  · Running T-bond option/futures pits on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade

Nick delivered risk research to the US Senate on the World’s largest technology problem in 1999. His applied investing research work beat the S&P 500 by over 90% during the Global Financial Crisis 2007-09, outperforming 99% of all hedge and mutual funds. Nick’s lifelong interests have been in studying large interesting problems and sustainable economic development for poverty reduction. Born and raised in the US, Nick has lived and worked in six countries, studied cultural and economic anthropology and art history at the University of Iowa and received an MBA from the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris, France. Nick holds the CAIA Chartered Alternative Investment Association designation. He has held series 3, 7, 63 and UK FSA registrations.

Author of The Nature of Value. Follow Nick here.


Steven Campbell
Based in London
Technologist, ElectriCChain

Steven has worked in Supply Chain and Procurement for over two decades with multiple roles in international businesses, with specialism in strategy development and project delivery.  He is passionate about renewable energy and new technology, and has recently added skills in computer programming and block-chain. He is an avid supporter of SolarCoin and a key contributor to the ElectriCChain projects; creating the first Raspberry Pi nodes and datalogger software for the community.

Connect here.