Our Partners

  • eclogoThe ElectriCChain is a global platform to accelerate the growth of solar energy, IoT  and Blockchain data technology with impacts ranging from the heights of commercial space and climate change research, to the micro-generation & finance in Africa.
  • solarcoinSolarCoin is like a free (!) airmiles reward program for solar generators and given at the rate of 1SLR/MWh. The SolarCoin Foundation aims to power the 3rd Industrial Revolution with clean, cheap solar energy, leaving a better world to future generations.
  • solarchangeSolarChange is a web & mobile platform working with the SolarCoin Blockchain in incentivizing and enhancing the use of solar energy worldwide. SolarChange presents smart solar energy monitoring, providing verified, multi-sourced, smart insights and predictions, for a variety of applications: from residential energy efficiency, to grid-scale energy management. SolarChange is integrating the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator program.
  • solcryptoSolcrypto acts as Claims Facilitator to the SolarCoin Foundation over the Asia-Pacific region and as a peer-to-peer broker for SolarCoin trades. Solcrypto also provides the bulk of engineering resource for the ElectriCChain projects.
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The ElectriCChain Ecosystem

  • chainofthings
  • lumo
  • sunspec
  • bitseed
  • mit
  • iota
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  • solarly
  • smappee
  • euro
  • corepack
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