The ElectriCChain and related affiliates act in the field of Blockchain Tech and Digital Assets. The following websites and companies are related to SolarCoin:,, and

SolarCoin is a Digital Asset aiming to incentivize global solar power growth.

SolarCoin increases the return-on-investment (ROE) of solar installations and decreases payback times. SolarChange and Solcrypto are claims facilitator websites, acting as platforms that interconnect end users—solar owners—to the SolarCoin program. SolarChange is taking part in the IBM Accelerator Program Alpha Zone for a 6-month period.

The ElectriCChain is

the blockchain powering the SolarCoin Digital Asset. The ElectriCChain gathers non-confidential data related to solar owners. The Goal of ElectriCChain is to build a network of more than seven million solar installations, which according to International Energy Agency numbers will reach more than 200 million over the next 15-25 years.

The ElectriCChain helps gather and publish Data for Scientific (ie: Climate Change), Meteorological (ie: Weather/Micro-climate forecast) and Financial (ie: Solar Hedging/Derivatives tool) applications.

The ElectriCChain is an Andorran-registered company transitioning towards a non-profit (.org). The organization is an Incubator and Consultancy for Solar Blockchain-related applications.

The ElectriCChain is developing twelve Solar-Blockchain-related projects together with business partners such as GridSingularity/Ethereum, Chain of Things, IOTA, BitSeed and under observation from the MIT, NASA and IBM. Specifically, a Blockchain-IOT Datalogger is being developed which will enable direct communication of solar power production Data to a unique Blockchain, the ElectriCChain for Global Climate monitoring.

Concepts, Pilots, and eventually massively scaled deployments.

A Pilot/Concept is being presented on June 1st in London to RWE and other participants and in Belgium to the I-Cleantech Cluster in Flanders. This Concept/Pilot will demonstrate that Solar Inverters can communicate directly solar production values to a Blockchain (also for SolarCoin granting), regardless of inverter brand/model on a constant flux basis using the IOTA Tangle Blockchain.

This Blockchain IOT-Datalogger tool enables inverter and monitoring companies to use a standard communications protocol, also allowing for more accurate (live) monitoring of solar installs, under a private or public (or both) Blockchain for own applications or public use ; ultimately allowing for predictive analytic potential for Micro-Climates, live Pollution tracking, Finance Innovation and improved regulation, hence opening new markets, participants and opportunities.

Our Mission at ElectriCChain is supra-national. We are building a Consortium of Inverter and Monitoring companies, technologists, software firms, solar energy developers and others to deliver the future.

We invite all participants to join on our Slack channel!