The ElectriCChain mission is to unite:

7 million global solar facilities watching the skies 24/7 and posting live solar data* to 1 Blockchain for scientists, researchers and human progress.
ElectriCChain delivers on open-source blockchain tech, helping you integrate the SolarCoin digital asset to your Solar Business. ElectriCChain helps solar companies claim SolarCoins for solar power producers.
ElectriCChain’s ElectraSeed Concept is a Winner at EPIC Awards and took part with the ElectraSeed open-source concept to UNFCCC / COP22 in Marrakech Nov13-16, 2016.

ElectriCChain Is:

7 million global solar facilities watching the skies 24/7 for Climate Data, Micro-Climate monitoring, Pollution tracking and Academic purposes

ElectriCChain Does:

Dynamic posting of live solar production data to a single blockchain as Standard Communications Protocole for the Solar Industry

ElectriCChain Helps:

Government institutions, the solar industry and Prosumers in order to deliver cheap and clean solar energy for future generations


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The ElectriCChain is an open solar energy generation data project with an initial focus on verifying and publishing data from the existing 7 million solar energy generators globally and on an open Blockchain for Academic use and Human progress.

The ElectriCChain project supports the development of open standards and tools to publish and read solar electricity generation data using the SolarCoin BlockChain and/or other Blockchain technologies including the Ethereum and IOTA/Tangle.

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Follow us on Slack for open collaboration on the ElectriCChain and join the community for sharing and creating:

  • Specifications for scientific & network solar-related Blockchain data,
  • Tools for publishing & integrating solar energy data to and from the SolarCoin Blockchain using a standardized communications protocol,
  • New Business Models for Utilities, Investors and Prosumers using solar energy,
  • A network of ElectriCChain partners: inverters/panels/monitoring technology companies and solar module producers
  • Tools to define irradiance, energy and reporting data standards to shape an open world
  • Information from the initial SolarCoin Blockchain with data from 44 participating countries
  • Registering your solar installation to the SolarCoin program

ElectriCChain acts as Claims Facilitator to the SolarCoin Foundation in registering Solar Owners to the SolarCoin program and helping your business integrate SolarCoin tools

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