ElectriCChain is:

Seven million global solar facilities watching the skies 24/7 posting live solar data* to one Blockchain for scientists, researchers and human progress.


Seven million global solar facilities watching the skies 24/7


Dynamically posts live solar production and usage data to a single blockchain


Scientists, researchers and consumers to have access to the analytics and insights they need


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The ElectriCChain is an Open Solar energy generation data project with an initial focus on verifying and publishing data from the seven million solar energy generators globally on an open Blockchain.

The ElectriCChain project supports the development of open standards and tools to publish and read solar electricity generation data using the SolarCoin BlockChain and/or other Blockchain technologies.

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Follow us on Slack for open collaboration on ElectriCChain and join the community for sharing and creating:

  • Specifications for scientific & network solar-related blockchain data
  • Tools for publishing and ingesting solar energy data to and from the blockchain
  • Discover ElectriCChain partners: inverters, panels, monitoring technology companies and solar module producers
  • Define irradiance, energy and reporting data standards to shape an open world
  • Share information from the SolarCoin Blockchain with data from 56 participating countries

Project members and the public collaborate at electricchain.org.

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